This site is starting to look spiffeh! Also, I'm trying to animate 15 second warriors animation. It's really hard! So, sorry Rainleaf for your bad animation, and i'll try and redo it. (if I have enough time)
:D ~Snowstar


hi every one. this is our warriors website. we hope you like it. any ways, nothing has really happened in our caln. Dewpaw recived her warrior name Dewtail.


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    April 2009

    Snowstar & Mossclaw

    hi! its mossclaw! But my real name is Karina. Me and my buddy Claire created this site. I love reading the Warriors series.Hope you like our site! ^-^ ~Mossclaw ^^

    Hi, I'm Snowstar, or you can just call me Claire. Me and my amigop Karina made this site! My interests are: Music, doodling and watching tv. My favourite tv shows are: Stargate SG1, NCIS and Buffy TVS. 



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