Welcome! This is where you can find out what your warrior name is. ^-^

These are the steps of finding your warrior name.

#1: look for the letter that your first name starts with. you now have the first part of your warrior name.

#2: now, look for the letter that your last name starts with. now you have your warrior name! Congats! ^-^ 

A: Fire                                                                           A:Tail

B:Long                                                                          B:Fur

C:Leopard                                                                    C:Heart

D:Birch                                                                          D:Claw

E:Dew                                                                            E:Flight
F: Fern                                                                           F:Stripe

G:Cloud                                                                         G:Nose

H:Bramble                                                                     H:Leaf

I:Ivy                                                                                   I:Pelt

J:Ring                                                                             J:Dapple

K:Moss                                                                           K:Cloud

L:Crow                                                                            L:Poppy

M:Petal                                                                            M:Foot

N:Spotted                                                                       N:Petal

O:Feather                                                                       O:Wind

P:Snow                                                                           P:Stream

Q:Flower                                                                         Q:Mist

R:Blue                                                                              R:Pool

S:Red                                                                               S:Tangle

T:Daisy                                                                              T:Branch

U:Rose                                                                               U:Bud

V:Thorn                                                                              V:Thorn   

W:Pine                                                                               W:Leg

X:Oak                                                                                 X:Soul

Y:Reed                                                                                Y:Spirit

Z:Poppy                                                                              Z:Berry

Hope you enjoy your Warrior name! ^-^

Warrior Name Quiz

Or if you prefer doing a quiz to find out what your warrior looks like and what's your cat's name, do this quiz! But remember, the positions that it tells you and what Clan you are do NOT matter. You are a MistClan cat and you can have any position beside Med cat. Med cat apprentice, Deputy or Leader.