Snowstar,Leader of MistClan.

Snowstar is a pure white she-cat with bright blue eyes. Her mate is Blacktalon and has one kit, Crowkit.

Her Warrior name was: Snowfeather

Mossclaw,Deputy of MistClan.

Mossclaw is a brown she-cat with green eyes. Her mate is Cometstar, the leader of EarthClan.

Rainleaf,Medicine cat of MistClan.

Rainleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat. she knows alot about herbs and stuff...*very good sentence, eh?* her mate is Silverclaw, a silver tom.

Leopardpaw,apprentice of medicine cat.

Leopardpaw is a light golden tabby tom with black spots.

Lillybreeze, Warrior of MistClan

Lillybreeze is a beautiful, sweet young she-cat with a silver pelt. She got a scar over her left eye from fighting a fox.

Blacktalon, Warrior of MistClan

Blacktalon is a black tom with large silver streaked paws. His mate is Snowstar, and had one kit, Crowkit.

Dewtail,Warrior of MistClan.

Dewtail is a nosey warrior with a blueish-grey apperance. She has a drop of white on her tail and forehead.

Goldenstream,Warrior of MistClan.

Goldenstream is a golden tom, his mate is Iceclaw, the medicine cats' former apprentice.

Crowpaw, apprentice of MistClan

Crowpaw is a black tom with icy blue eyes.

Ferntail,Queen of MistClan

Ferntail is a queen of MistClan. Her kits are Sunkit and Moonkit wich are kits who appear in a prophecy.

Sunkit,kit of MistClan.

Sunkit is a kit who appears in a prophecy with his sister, Moonkit. he is a ginger tom.